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Asbestos Surveys

It is now compulsory for every commercial premises in the UK to have an asbestos survey carried out to report on any materials containing asbestos together with measures taken to manage them.  Failure to have this information and a management plan in place could result in prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive. (HSE)

There are three types of survey as follows:

Type 1 Asbestos Report: Location and Assessment Survey
This survey locates the presence and extent of any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) where reasonably practical but deferring sampling and analysis till a later time.   The Report provides assessment on any materials which are presumed to contain asbestos and the duty holder would therefore bear the potential cost of the management of some non ACMs.

Type 2 Asbestos Report: Standard Sampling, Identification and Assessment Survey
The purpose and procedures are the same as in Type 1 asbestos survey but representative samples of materials suspected of containing asbestos are taken and sent for analysis at a UKAS accredited laboratory.  The results are used to compile a register of the ACMs within the premises which includes the condition of each ACM and recommendations regarding their management.

Type 3 Asbestos Report: Full Access Sampling and Identification Survey
The survey may involve some destructive inspection to gain access to all areas and is designed to be used as a basis for cost of removing ACMs from  premises prior to demolition or major refurbishment work. Samples are taken and sent for analysis as in the Type 2 Survey.  However the survey does not assess the condition of the ACMs apart from noting areas of damage or where additional asbestos debris may be expected to be present.

Each Survey Report includes:

  • ‍An asbestos register of ACMs
  • Colour photographs of sampling points
  • Site plans indicating each sampling point if appropriate
  • A certificate of analysis from a UKAS accredited laboratory.

For more information on managing asbestos in premises, see link below.

HSE - Managing Asbestos (PDF - 185KB)

If you would like us to carry out any type of Asbestos Survey on your premises please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss the types and cost with your or arrange for a survey to be carried out.

Compulsory Purchase Schemes

We will act on behalf of Landowners and Tenants in respect of compulsory purchase of land and buildings, submission of compensation claims for road schemes, pipeline and cable installations and in negotiating rentals and compensation for the construction and installation of telephone masts.

Business Rates

If you think you are paying too much for your business rates, we are happy to assess and advise accordingly. This may involve coming out to inspect your property and identifying where possible savings can be achieved, either at the property itself or certain situations in the locality. We submit appeals to the Valuation Office Agency in order to achieve reductions in the Rateable Value of your property. We could also help where all of your property is not being used, or where a merge or split of assessments needs to take place, or if your property/land needs taking out of the Rating List. Our range of services also includes acting as an agent when negotiating your rent, or for when your rent is due to be renewed. Contact us for more information.

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